2020 Frontend Resources Catch



In the spirit of the internet I am going to try and keep an open post with some of the more notable Frontend resources I have found or have been using in 2020.

Production Tools

ImprovMX Secure custom emails forwarding freemium!

Meta Tags Check and edit open graph images, descriptions!

Is My Host fast I know once I deploy my site I tend to be onto the next thing. This is a nice little at a glance to make sure I'm not missing to the boat as far as hosting is concerned.


Gitingnore Generates you Gitignore file. I dig the idea but haven't incorporated it into the workflow completely. I still pop over to my favorite gitignore list repo.


Does it Mutate I enjoyed this because it's always a toggle to Devdoc.io for me to what is "actually" happening when transforming objects in JavaScript.

Single line JS Utilities I always love projects like this.

React Hooks

React Hooks Forms An amazing little library to handle forms in React 16> and they have great documentation and an attentive community.


BEM Cheatsheet I have been trying to use BEM a lot more in 2020 and found this little guy to help me out.

CSS Grid Generator Not sure if I will ever use this, but I thought it was cool.

CssButtons An amazing library of buttons from simple to very fancy and the necessary CSS to get them in a project :flash

css2JS I haven't converted yet but we'll see.


WhoCanUse 2020 check your accessability!



TypeWolf I have been stopping by this corner of the web for the last few years and the quality is just as fantastic today.


Fullstory This is a robust digital experience "linter" with extensive I think this is an amazing idea and would love to give it a try.


BlobMaker It makes svg blobs lol. When I found this I never thought I would use it then about a week later it came in handy. What do you know...

Next look

This is the stuff that I have found but haven't had the chance to take a good look and decide if it's notable or not.

Frontend horse

Polypane Enables seamless development of responsive websites

Shieldfy Checks node apps fro security issues

Mocky API Mocking tool

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