Making Pretty Password


The Story Behind Pretty Password

A few days ago, I wanted to build a demo news blog/site, something like Bloomberg news. I figured there was a New API out there that I could pull from and only worry about the frontend of the project. I found NewsAPI, and during signup, they asked for a password. These days I exclusively used generated passwords for obvious reasons. Alas, Chrome did not suggest a "strong" password, and my other option is to log into 1Password to use their generator...This requires me to type in my relatively long 1Password password. Not an ideal workflow. I figured there was a Chrome extension that would quickly Generate a password for me....I was right, but they were ugly....yeah, my designer sensibility would not allow me to install such ugly applications... I know, I know, this is just how I am. So I figured it was a great opportunity to build a Chrome extension that was less hideous and Pretty Password was the result.

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