Window 10 Notes


Window 10 OS Notes

Keyboard Shortcuts - Workflow

win + left-arrow
// snap left

win + right-arrow
// snap right

win + up-arrow
// maximize window

win + down-arrow
// minimize window

Screen Grab

 win + Shift + S

Command Prompt Catch

Command prompt is officially called Windows Command Processor.

> help
// prints all commands

> help some-command
// prints documentation
> mkdir
// makes a directory
// list all env variables

set <some-variable>
// is the same as echo $<variable>
ctrl + c
> dir
// show directories in given folder
> attrib
// set ownership on files and directories
> cd
// print current directory
> chkdsk
// checks filesystem and repairs filesystem
> cls
// clear window
> copy
> date
> time
> del

> deltree
// recursively deletes entire directory tree
> edit
// simple text editor
// Note the variable EDITOR should be set to the user's preferred editor
> type
// displays the contents of a text file
> rename
// renames file or files

Logic and Conditionals

> if
// performs a condistional processing in batch programs
> for
// runs a specified command for each file in a set of files


Learning PowerShell Cook Book - Power shell

> Get-Command *-Service
// show list of cmdlets

For a given Service user;

Get-Help <some-service
// to see documentation for service

Show list of Running Processes

Show Directories
// show current directories

Quick Reference

Bash PowerShell Description
ls dir, Get-ChildItem List files and folders
tree dir -Recurse, Get-ChildItem -Recurse List all files and folders
cd cd, Set-Location Change directory
pwd pwd, $pwd, Get-Location Show working directory
clear, Ctrl+L, reset cls, clear Clear screen
mkdir New-Item -ItemType Directory Create a new folder
touch test.txt New-Item -Path test.txt Create a new empty file
cat test1.txt test2.txt Get-Content test1.txt, test2.txt Display files contents
cp ./source.txt ./dest/dest.txt Copy-Item source.txt dest/dest.txt Copy a file
cp -r ./source ./dest Copy-Item ./source ./dest -Recurse Recursively copy from one folder to another
mv ./source.txt ./dest/dest.txt Move-Item ./source.txt ./dest/dest.txt Move a file to other folder
rm test.txt Remove-Item test.txt Delete a file
rm -r <folderName> Remove-Item <folderName> -Recurse Delete a folder
find -name build* Get-ChildItem build* -Recurse Find a file or folder starting with 'build'
grep -Rin "sometext" --include="*.cs" Get-ChildItem -Recurse -Filter *.cs
| Select-String -Pattern "sometext"
Recursively case-insensitive search for text in files
curl https://github.com Invoke-RestMethod https://github.com Transfer data to or from the web


Command Prompt: What is is and how to use it

Window and unix command line equivalents


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